Friday, August 26, 2005

Sweet, Sweet Justice

I thought the whole tricking a vegan to eat meat was funny (which it totally is), but I just got an email with something as funny if not funnier than that.

I don’t know about everyone else, but I hate gang bangers. They paint graffiti on everything because they’re narcissistic dickholes with too much free time on their hands, they sell drugs, they start and then blow up meth labs, they rob liquor stores, break into homes, cars, and generally make a nuisance of themselves. That is, when they’re not shooting people for no good reason. See, if they’d just shoot each other that would be great. But since they’re generally too damn stupid to aim a gun even Michael J. Fox could use accurately, they usually end up killing a bunch of innocent people who were just minding their own business in the first place.

I also hate these gang member coward fucks because I’ve had my fair share of run-ins with them. A few fights here and there is one thing, but I’ve been robbed at gunpoint, and jumped a few times. It sucks. Could these dickless idiots be any more cowardly? If they don’t outnumber you ten to one, they won’t fight you; they have to go find one of their buddies with a gun.

That is why this particular email was especially funny to me. Here’s the gist of it in my own words.

Some illiterate, piece-of-shit member of the 18th St. Gang in LA thought he was going to be cool and car-jack a semi truck. Maybe he figured if he jacked a semi, the rest of his gang would think he was tough and quit making him the ass pincushion for their nightly gang bangs…if you know what I mean.

At any rate, he jumped on the driver’s side and tried to look tough as he pointed the gun at the truck driver. The truck driver, who was apparently many times smarter than the would-be semi truck thief, simply opened his door and knocked that dumbshit cholo right off the side of the truck. As expected, Mr. “I’m so hardcore because I’m in a gang” lost his balance and fell right under the wheels of the truck.

The truck driver then slammed on the breaks, much like anyone would after hitting a small animal. That big truck came to rest right on top of gang boy. Talk about justice!

Do not look at the pictures below if you are a pussy. I’m told they are graphic,
but I’ve seen much, much worse.

It’s good to know there is justice in this world. This is what happens when people get what they deserve. I got a good laugh from this, and I'd almost bet money the truck driver did as well.


badgerbob said...

Looking at that picture made me hungry. I think I will go have a sandwich.

morbid misanthrope said...

badgerbob - I know what you mean. I just had a sandwich myself. It was a delicious panini. I just love pressed sandwiches.

drunkbh said...

He got what he deserved. If you get hurt or killed committing a crime then it's your own damn fault.
Trucker- 1
Thug- 0

morbid misanthrope said...

It also would have been funny if the truck driver would have just blown that asshole's head off with a sawed-off. Someday the authorities will declare it open season on gang members. When they do, I'll be in the ghetto hunting with a Desert Eagle.

Victor said...

Few things, would u really want gang members with marksmanship? (fuck no!)
Second, nothing funny with a guy under a fucking tire. ( i bet u his kids seven ghetto kids wouldnt think so)
And third, cmon do u really want to hunt with a fuckin desert eagle? its a fucking .50 caliber handgun, it packs one fucking kick and you only get seven rounds per clip.

However it would be funny to c u using a desert eagle vs an ak 47 or a 9mm sub machine gun.

morbid misanthrope said...

viczilla - Firstly, I never asked for a gang banger who knew how to aim a gun. I simply faulted them for their utter lack of marksmanship.
Secondly, when some piece of shit gets run over by a semi truck it's hilarious. It could only be funnier if he got run over by a steam roller. Also, his bastard children are better off without him. Maybe now they have a chance of growing up with a decent male role model instead of their waste of human skin father.
Third, or thrice as the kids like to say, the Desert Eagle kicks ass. I love .50 caliber guns; I believe I've made that clear in earlier posts (the Barrett M82A1 rules!). If you can’t kill your target with a Desert Eagle, you don’t deserve to live. Besides, seven rounds is all I need to waste a bunch of barely cognizant gang member morons.
As far as me using a Desert Eagle against dimwits using AK 47’s, no problem. As I’ve said, their aim sucks whereas mine doesn’t; even though I get the shakes if I haven’t had a drink in the last 15 minutes.

Victor said...

lol cocky. I can probly take u down with a tea cup. yes i said it, i will kill you with my tea cup.

morbid misanthrope said...

viczilla - A tea cup? That's possibly the weakest threat I've ever received. I piss on your puny tea cup, therefore rendering it completely unsanitary and unfit for further use. And I'll do the same to any other beverage related items you might threaten me with.

Victor said...

LOL ow i didnt c that one. But a tea cup its all it will take to kill a g bush lover like urself.

LOL one more thing, dont ever overstimate the power of a regular item. In the right hands even a teacup is a deadly object.

morbid misanthrope said...

viczilla - Congratulations. You're the dumbest prick ever to visit this site.

I fail to see how me being a "g bush lover" has anything to do with me being killed easily. Watch the news, we're the gun-toting, rednecks remember. Besides, I don't love him. He's not protecting the borders very well, and he's not helping Israel as much as he should be. Other than that, I like him. The reason people like you hate him so much is because you're too dumb to read a book so you believe all the nonsense you see on TV and in "documentaries" by stupid anti-Bush assholes like Michael Moore. I went to a college in California; I've heard enough untrue, anti-Bush propaganda to last a lifetime so I don't need to hear it from you too.

I'm well aware of the potential to do physical harm everyday items possess intrinsically, but I still don't give a shit about your stupid tea cup. Also, I think you meant "underestimate" you dumb fuck. How many times were you left back in highschool? Your spelling is almost as bad as your empty threats and stupid comments. Do the world a favor and kill yourself.