Thursday, November 10, 2005

Take That Clooney!

Ann Coulter makes George Clooney look like a tool again. (Not like he really needs the help.) Plus, if you weren't sure by now, there's no reason to see "Good Night, and Good Luck."

Read the article HERE


J Holden said...

haha....good to have ya back, morbid

and i understand the lack of desire to come home and do this after doing it all day

morbid misanthrope said...

j holden - Thanks. I once read that newspapers are written at about a fifth-grade level. My recent experiences in the world of magazine editing make me wonder at what grade level magazines are originally written. Hopefully, my recent efforts have raised the bar from first- to third-grade. Then again, I'm being uncharacteristically optimistic.

Willow said...

Morb, back and uncharacteristically optimistic? WTF? What was wrong with the disillusioned, often negative and morose morbid misanthrope?

Now that the civilities have been dispensed...onto your post.

I am always amazed at the disconnect that exists between hollywood and the rest of the country. GC probably feels like a hero for bringing his "important" piece of work to the attention of the public...and when the aisles aren't packed with viewers and the accolades don't come rolling in, he'll console himself with the thoughts that we've been brainwashed and just don't "get it."

There is always an underlying presumption that I (as a member of the public) am not intelligent enough to gather and dissemble information on my own, and instead, that I need to be spoonfed the facts by some bozo with a pretty face.

morbid misanthrope said...

willow - I'll be back to my regular self pretty soon. I was in a good mood because there was just a story on the news about a sixty-some-year-old woman who shot some guy that broke into her house. That rules.

Extremely well put, willow. Yet, large groups of the population are so dumb they fall for bullshit, propaganda movies time and time again. Then they vote based on these stupid movies and other ridiculous political ideas they wouldn't even understand if some celebrity wouldn't have told them what to think.

I'm talking to you San Francisco! Morons!

Hey, what do you know? I'm so pissed off I can't form coherent sentences. Looks like I'll be back to posting again soon

Victor said...

LOL fuck! GC never liked him. He screwed up batman made him look like a fruit in tight leather pants.

morbid misanthrope said...

rude - No shit. What a pansy.

J Holden said...

this may sound a little fruity, but i swear i'm not gay (not there's anything wrong with that)

but i love you guys
this is great dialogue

morbid misanthrope said...

j holden - Thanks. By the way, I know you're not gay. If you were, I would have already found a way to beat you up.

Take that politically correct America.

J Holden said...

excellent point, morbid, excellent point

Anonymous said...

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