Friday, December 02, 2005

The Funny Alternative to Lethal Injection


badgerbob said...

Funny! Works for me.
I was thinking about killing someone, and then writing a children's book, but after seeing this post, I have changed my ways, and will seek to live a peaceful existence

badgerbob said...

I recant my earlier testimony!

Hulabelly said...

Wow.. look at it's little buggy eyeballs.. they're saying something to me...

"Eat more Oreos"


Victor said...

LMFAO... i guess this rules out my who can drink the more acid before dying theory lol

Willow said...

Well then, as long as it works for the Badger, I'll come on board.

Yep that was sarcasm.

drunkbh said...

I've always believed they should bring back public hangings. It would be a great crime deterrent.

J Holden said...

you know, i think we should spare him, because he really is a "changed man"

i promise, that's what i really believe


morbid misanthrope said...

By Joseph Farah
© 2005

Stanley 'Tookie' Williams

The convicted quadruple murderer who founded the notorious Crips street gang
has mobilized Hollywood celebrities in a bid to avert execution next month
despite admitting his crimes to others, the eyewitness accounts of
accomplices, and a jailhouse plot to escape by killing two sheriff's
deputies, according to a report of the L.A. County district attorney.

Stanley "Tookie" Williams is scheduled to be executed Dec. 13 by lethal
injection but is appealing to California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger for
clemency, with the help of celebrities such as Snoop Dogg, Jesse Jackson,
Desmond Tutu, Harry Belafonte, Russell Crowe, actor Mike Farrell, Academy
Award-winner Jamie Foxx and former model Bianca Jagger.

But a review by WND of the Los Angeles County district attorney's response
to the petition for clemency provides a glimpse of the evidence against the
nominee for a Nobel Peace Prize.

Williams, 51, was convicted of the 1979 murders of Tsai-Shai Yang, Yen-I
Yang, Yee-Chen Lin and Albert Owens in two separate robberies. Imprisoned
since 1981, he is asking Schwarzenegger to grant him clemency because he
says he has earned redemption through the writing of children's books.

"Stanley Williams does not deserve this mercy," said the DA's report to the
governor. "In fact, despite the overwhelming nature of the evidence against
him, and despite the non-existence of any credible defense, Stanley Williams
has steadfastly refused to take any responsibility for the brutal,
destructive, and murderous acts he committed. Without such responsibility,
there can be no redemption, there can be no atonement, and there should be
no mercy."

Though Williams has steadfastly denied committing the four murders, the DA's
report says he admitted the crimes to the following people:

James Garrett, a man with whom Williams lived most of the time before and
after the murders were committed. The DA says Garrett possessed specific
details of the crime and that Williams threatened to kill one of his
accomplices, Alfred Coward.

Ester Garrett, the wife of James Garrett, who said Williams characterized
the Taiwanese motel owners murdered in one of the robberies as
"Buddhaheads." She said Williams also admitted killing another "white dude"
for $63 and indicated he was also considering killing Coward.

Coward, one of Williams' accomplices, testified that Williams laughed about
the murder of Owens. "You should have heard the way he sounded when I shot
him," Coward recalled Williams saying. He followed this statement with
growling noises.

Tony Sims, another accomplice did not testify in the Williams' case because
he was not offered immunity. But his sworn testimony in his own trial, in
which he received a life sentence, corroborated the account of Coward. In
subsequent parole hearings over the last 26 years, his account of Williams'
execution-style murders of the victims has never changed.
In addition, the DA report says Williams implicated himself in the murders
at the motel by telling deputies after his arrest that five shots were

"Williams, in a moment of mistaken candor, provided detectives with
information only the killer would know," the report says. "Moreover, he
repeated that knowledge twice. When confronted with this apparent knowledge,
Williams against acting as the guilty party, retracted the statements and
denied saying what he had just been heard to say. These statements and
Williams' immediate retraction of them are admissions to the Brookhaven
(Motel) murders. Williams knew five shots were fired because it was Williams
who pulled the trigger each of those five times."

The DA report also contains revelations about a plot by Williams to escape
from the Los Angeles County Jail, killing two deputies in the process and
then murdering Coward.

Rapper Snoop Dogg rallies on behalf of Tookie Williams

That plan was disclosed by fellow inmate George Oglesby, who provided
handwritten notes and detailed maps. Two armed people on the outside were to
aid the plan, which involved blowing up a prisoner transport bus with
dynamite to delay identification of who escaped.

In one of those notes, Williams wrote that Coward was a "heartbeat away from
death." Oglesby said Williams planned to kill Coward because he was a
witness against him.

While Williams' celebrity cheerleaders have claimed he has been a model
prisoner throughout his sentence and have pointed to this as evidence of his
rehabilitation, the DA's report contains 11 examples of incidents for which
he was disciplined, beginning in 1981 and continuing through 1993. They

a violent fight with another inmate June 30, 1981, in which he repeatedly
struck the prisoner while kneeling over him;

a refusal to line up for a return to his cell Jan. 26, 1982, in which he
threatened a guard;

throwing a chemical substance in the eyes of a guard Jan. 28, 1982, in an
attack that resulted in chemical burns and emergency treatment;

a second attack on a guard with a chemical substance Jan. 29, 1982;

an attack on another inmate Feb. 16, 1984, in which Williams only stopped
beating the prisoner when a warning shot was fired;

a threat to kill a guard June 8, 1984;

the beating of another inmate July 4, 1986 that only ceased when armed
officers arrived on the scene;

another fight with an inmate that led to his own stabbing, reportedly
retaliation for his ordering another inmate to be stabbed;

his continued association with the Crips street gang led to administrative
segregation Oct. 19, 1988;

the beating of another inmate Dec. 24, 1991, that only stopped after a
warning shot was fired;

another fight with other inmates July 6, 1993, in which a stabbing
instrument (shank) was recovered.
The DA's report also says Williams threatened all of the jurors after they
found him guilty.

"Specifically, the defendant looked at the jurors and said he 'was going to
get all' of them," said the report. "After learning of this threat, the
trial judge inquired of the jury foreperson. The foreperson confirmed the
defendant mouthed the words 'I'm going to get each and every one of you

The DA also points out that Williams has steadfastly refused to be debriefed
about his in-depth knowledge of the Crips street gang.

"This gang is responsible for the regular commission of crimes such as
murder, rape, robbery and drug sales," says the report. "The gang has taken
over large areas of many of our communities. As a result, hard-working,
law-abiding citizens are forced to live in daily fear that gang members
might take their lives."

In 2004, the city of Los Angeles alone, gang crimes accounted for 291
homicides, 717 attempted homicides, 2,616 felony assaults, 61 attacks on
police officers, 2,308 robberies, 44 kidnappings, 36 rapes, 754 acts of
witness intimidation, 20 acts of extortion and 188 carjackings.

"Although Stanley Williams is not directly responsible for every gang crime
committed today, he was an integral founding member of a gang that has
contributed, and continues to contribute, to the gang problem with
devastating force," says the report. "This plague on our society continues
to spread, and continues to take lives on a daily basis. Williams unleashed
this violence in no less a manner than if he had released a deadly virus
into our communities."

Williams' lawyers are reportedly trying to secure a meeting with
Schwarzenegger in their bid for clemency.

morbid misanthrope said...

badgerbob - You know, Madonna also writes children's books. I'd kill her in a second.

Hulabelly - I think his eyes were saying "Drink more beer." Cause, if I were going to die, I'd get really drunk first.

rude - He's not dead yet, maybe you can still get him to drink some acid. I'll get the funnel.

willow - It's killing time. If it makes you feel bad, I'll do it myself. Just don't tell the Crips it was me; I have enough problems already.

drunkbh – Fuckin’ A right. In my college ethics class the argument against public executions was "people in the crowd will get robbed." I called bullshit then, and I stand by it.

j holden - Firstly, he never repented for all the awful things he did (nor did he condemn the actions of the Crips gang, which he started). Secondly, even if he had, he is still a criminal. He was sentenced, he has to pay. Be thankful I'm not god, I am merciless and I thrive on revenge.

just thinking said...

Tookie ?

Willow said...

Morbid said, willow - It's killing time. If it makes you feel bad, I'll do it myself. Just don't tell the Crips it was me; I have enough problems already.

What to do, what to do. It's killing time, but if I say I don't like to kill, then I look like a wuss. If I say, I do, then I come across as a psychopath. I hate these fucking decisions.

morbid misanthrope said...

just thinking - Stanley "Tookie" Williams. Cold-blooded, murdering founder of the Crips gang.

willow - Easy decision, willow. Better to be a psychopath than a wussy. Do you smell that frying? That's justice, baby! Whoooooo!

badgerbob said...

it looks like our brilliant governor has decided to give cooky tookie a clemency hearing. The family members of his victims must be pissed.

morbid misanthrope said...

badgerbob - Goddamnit Arnold! What? Did you lose your mind when all of your propositions for CA were voted down? Perhaps Arnold is just trying to boost his popularity to try and get re-elected. Whatever he's thinking, it's pissing me off.

And you're right. The families of tookie's victims must feel like they got kicked in the gut. Fuckin' California! Fuckin' bleeding-heart, nosey, self-important, bullshit, protesting celebrities!

just thinking said...

Ah, I see I should be actually reading the super long comments above me...
Willow-- I like the super rational killer image myself.

just thinking said...

Tookie is gone !

morbid misanthrope said...

just thinking - Yay! I wish the execution would have been televized.

just thinking said...

ummm.... anyone ever tell you you're kinda morbid ?

morbid misanthrope said...

just thinking - Morbid? I can't say that I've ever been associated with that word before.