Monday, May 23, 2005

I hope you die of Aids you sick queer

All I ever hear from stupid, teary-eyed, braindead celebrities is how bad Aids is; how everyone needs to do their part. Apparently I should "get informed" and "spread the word." I should also send money to another useless organization that is supposed to be putting an end to Aids. I should wear a ribbon too, because we all know how effective ribbons are when it comes to combating a killer virus. Millions of dollars are thrown at the problem and guess what; it doesn't accomplish anything.

Aids awareness isn't working. These assholes advertise like no one has ever heard of Aids. Like the only reason people keep getting it is because they're uninformed. I mean, who the fuck doesn't know how Aids is spread? Ignorance isn't the reason people get Aids, stupidity is. Everyone already knows you get Aids when you have sex with someone who has the disease (or share dirty needles etc.), but that doesn't stop them from going out and fucking everyone who will bend over. That's stupidity; that's what is causing the epidemic.

You hear about these morons in the paper who contracted super Aids because they regularly went on meth benders where they would fuck hundreds guys and not even bother wearing a condom. Do you think they got Aids because they were uninformed? Do you honestly think they had no idea they might get Aids doing that shit? Of course they knew. They just didn't care.

That just proves ignorance isn't the reason Aids is the epidemic it is. The millions of dollars spent advertising Aids awareness is wasted because no matter how informed these assholes are, it won't keep them from nailing one hundred total strangers in some gay orgy. Here's an example of Aids awareness doing no good whatsoever, once again:

Guy: Here you go sir, have an Aids awareness pamphlet.
Faggot: Oh, thanks.
Guy: You will be reading it and getting informed right?
Faggot: No. I already know all about Aids and HIV.
Guy: Well then why did you take the pamphlet?
Faggot: Because I'm going to roll it up and shove it up someone's ass at the gay orgy I'm on my way to.
Guy: As long as you wear a condom.
Faggot: No, I don't wear condoms.
Guy: Sir! Having unprotected sex with multiple partners is how one contracts the Aids virus.
Faggot: So.
Guy: You're putting yourself and everyone you make love to in great danger!
Faggot: Okay, listen. Number one: I don't make love to anyone. I've done a shit load of drugs and I'm on my way to a club where I'm going to FUCK hundreds of strangers who, in turn, are going to fuck hundreds of strangers each. None of us wear condoms either and no one makes sure everyone is clean. Number two: I know all about Aids; we all do. So don't act like you know something we don't.
Guy: Then how the hell do you justify spreading a deadly virus to a countless number of people who will most likely die from it just because you can't control your sick sexual urges.
Faggot: I don't know. I'm just a stupid faggot.

Your solution isn't working. Not only that, but wearing a condom will not keep you from getting Aids. The Aids virus is so small that it can pass through latex. You didn't know that? You can read about it on the internet, you just have to look for it. For some reason they left that out of the all the awareness advertising. The only way you can be sure you won't get Aids is to keep it in your pants. If you're not having sex with anyone, chances are you won't be getting Aids. To all of the sick queers out there dorking hundreds of random guys: I hope you get super Aids and die. You people are the reason Aids became an epidemic. You're skum. It is my hope that you get a super-charged form of Aids and it kills you before you have the chance to spread it.


Anonymous said...

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neko said...

another theory is, aids came from the monkeys.. somewhere in africa. and .. people ate the flesh of these apes.. and..

something convoluted to that effect.

at the rate aids is going, im sure all the ignorant idiots who just dont care will be wiped out in a matter of a decade.

so, yeah. shouldnt be a problem for too long, and whichever celebrities are left after, will need a new cause to throw their money at, and raise awareness of.

morbid misanthrope said...

neko -- I think it's funnier when chimps eat people. They like to grin and clap a lot when they butcher and devour a person.

I've always been a fan of abstinence, but that's unacceptable these days--it must make too much sense.

neko said...

that is a disturbing thought.

and an even more disturbing one would be --

aids infected monkeys date-raping africans, and thereby spreading the disease, while grinning and clapping maniacally.

morbid misanthrope said...

neko -- It's like the old saying goes, "If you agree to a date with a chimp, he's not going to take no for an answer and you'll probably get date raped and mutilated a little bit while he tries to eat your leg meat."

If someone is so hard-up for a date that they would date a chimp, they might as well just stick to the bar scene. Sure, you'll probably still get date raped, but at least human date rapists use rohypnol.