Monday, May 23, 2005

G5's are pieces of shit

Everyone thinks these computers are so fucking great. People pop wood whenever someone says G5. It's hailed as the "fastest home computer" and a bunch of other shit that is also completely untrue. I hate the G5. I hate mac computers in general, but the G5's at my school are worthless.

The G5's in my school suck nut-butter. They have so little memory, you can't even put any files on the desktop. If you do, the computer flips out and you have to restart. Sometimes a G5 will start making a lot of noise for no reason. It sounds like a jet engine powering up only way less kick ass. It gets louder and higher pitch with time. No one knows why it does that, usually no one is even using the computer when it does it.

The G5's are so weak that they sometimes don't even have enough memory to open a program from the hard drive. I tried to open a macromedia director file the other day and it said it didn't have enough memory. That's just sad. When a program does open, it takes forever. Opening adobe Illustrator takes a full minute. The computers freeze if there's too many windows open at once. I checked how much memory the computers had. The damn computers only have 556mb on them. What the fuck? I have a portable usb plug that has 256mb, and these whole computers have just barely double the memory of a tiny little usb plug.

These are inferior computers to say the least. The macophiles in class say that real G5's are better and the school must have bought inferior possibly made in mexico computers. I don't doubt the school would do that. The way AICA-SD has been fucking me over I'd almost bet the G5's are just really old mac computers in the fancy G5 casing, which is dopey looking by the way. Also, the school provided every G5 with a laser mouse, which would be cool, except the tables on which the mouse sits are black and that makes it hard for the laser to reflect back to the mouse. So, the mouse works about as well as a regular mouse would if the ball in the mouse was square. It's just pathetic, if you want to use the mouse, you have to use something not black as a mousepad. I suppose I could bring in a mousepad, but the computers don't work for shit so what's the point?


Anonymous said...

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neko said...

G5? Never heard of it.

How are the politicians and other government officials gonna afford to put gas in their jets, etc if you expect them to buy decent computers for the schools in your country?


be reasonable.

morbid misanthrope said...

neko -- The G5 was Apple's fancy new computer at the time. It was crap like nearly everything Apple has ever made (I'm obviously a PC user).

This was college, so politicians didn't have all that much to do with providing decent computers. My tuition was supposed to cover that; although, the only thing my tuition covered was the down payment on the college president’s new house. Also, many people think the G5 is--or was, rather--a great piece of computer technology. Those people tend to eat bugs off the ground and drool a lot, but they're entitled to think whatever they want.