Tuesday, December 19, 2006


I saw the movie Rest Stop a few weeks ago. It was pretty cool and kind of weird, so I decided to hit up the ol' http://www.imdb.com/ to see what other people were saying about it. Unsurprisingly, many people were rather flummoxed by the movie. At any rate, I did my good deed for the day and explained the possible meanings of the movie and some symbology hidden in the film to the folks on the imdb message boards. Hopefully this will help some of the confused. I would like to complain, however, that imdb censors profanity on their boards. What kind of bullshit juvenile nonsense is that?

Spoilers Ahead

So who was KZL?
By goodrem-delta

Of all the theories:

1. she was dreaming
2. it was the ranger
3. it was the mobile home old man that proclaimed the angel of death

who was it?

soo confused

what a random movie, im currently planning a horror movie night and this is definitly in the no pile. altho we might watch it drunk, that wud make a whole lotta sense to see it then lol


So who was KZL?
By morbid_misanthrope

In the DVD extras, there's a clip of the father of the religious freakshow burying the trucker, talking about taking that secret to the grave. There's also a scene where the trucker kills the religious family while they enjoy a picnic (the fucked up midget with the camera seems to be spared). Of course, there was also a scene of the twins jerking off in a dark room, so who knows what the hell any of this clusterfuck of a movie is supposed to mean. Here are a few possibilities:

1.) KZL 303 was the trucker's license plate number because KILL666 was already taken by Glen Benton from Deicide.

2.) The identity of the trucker is none other than Azazel, the fallen angel of iniquity, over-aggressive driving, and plot holes (which, interestingly, he can drive his truck through).

3.) Everyone in the entire movie was really just dead and fucking around the whole time--even the cameraman was dead, as were the director, writer, three producers, and the key grip guy who kept making "grip my dick" jokes during production.

4.) The whiskey the girl was drinking in the ranger station was 31% pee.

5.) O.J. Simpson says he totally had nothing to do with the killing, but he has a few suggestions for the trucker.

6.) The whole point of the movie was to make Christians from the South look bad by exaggerating stereotypes. The director felt it was a little too obviously a jab at religious types, so he added the trucker, the girl, her boyfriend, and Joey Lawrence. He also deleted a scene where the family whips each other with handfuls of rattlesnakes while Mel Gibson's "Passion of the Christ" plays from a projector.

Anyway, I'm no expert, but I believe I was drunk enough while watching this movie to catch all the hints the director left to reveal the terrible truths in the film. If none of those explanations work for you, feel free to consider the whole movie one long advertisement for Southwest Airlines. "Southwest Airlines: If you would have flown with us, that crazy bastard in the yellow truck wouldn't have stuck a drill in your leg and cut your tongue out."


honkeie2 said...

I have yet to see it but being a horror movie fan i will probably see it in the near future.
And hell its a horror movie not fucking Hemmingway. Never over analys the obvious: blood, death, sex, gore and titties....no more no less.

badgerbob said...

It is what it is.

morbid misanthrope said...

honkeie2 -- It was an ok flick. It kept my attention for an hour and a half; that's usually all I ask for. Right now, though, I'm really into Asian horror movies; have been for a while. If you haven't seen Audition, well, you should probably see it.

badgerbob -- I'm usually happy as long as it's not a chick flick.

Cherry! said...

DELTA GOODREM???? I knew you knew some really bad language but these two words are the foulest of all time!!! I can't stand her and her music makes ears bleed........

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Fancy said...

This made me crack up! Lol So I bought this confusing pathetic excuse for a film "Rest Stop" with (get this) part 2 attached. How there's a part 2 to something part 1 absolutely failed at is beyond me. I will probably watch it for shits and giggles. I found myself laughing at the cop saying "you missed" with half his head blown off though which says a lot about the movie right there. I fell asleep half way through the movie the first time it was on tv, thought it was interesting and went to buy in a few months later. What a disappointment - I should have kept on sleeping. I wouldn't be this much confused. This movie is a fail.

kenny said...

There is pretty much just a lot of ghosts in this movie, it should be called the ghost stop. And, the extra bonus footage on the dvd should be played before the movie as well.
Here's how it goes-
The family kills the truck driver (in the dvd bonus forage of the midgets video.blog) and then he comes back and kills them. So now the family and truck driver are ghosts. There is the ghost of one of the girls he killed in the bathroom as well so there is another. The cop she shoots in the head is also a ghost you can notice by when she is sneaking out the top and looks back and bam, he is gone. And finally when she gets killed she turns into a ghost herself at the end. Enough ghosts for one movie? I think so